An important message from David Gurney
David Gurney spoke at last week’s HBHRCD meeting

It is apparent that Humboldt Bay is about to be blindsided by oil and gas development.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has staked claim to a 136 sq. mi. area of ocean right outside the mouth of the Humboldt Bay. They also have permits for 68 square miles off the Mendocino Coast, and are apparently in negotiation with the Minerals Management Service to lease even more large tracts of ocean, just outside of these huge areas. These tracts correspond to offshore oil drilling zones, that were under negotiation for Oil and Gas Lease/Sale # 91 back in 1988.

PG&E does not need such huge areas of ocean to test wave energy devices, and instead has the potential to “site sit” these locations, until such a time that the leases can be converted to natural gas and oil drilling permits. It says so in their permit documents.

Also documented is the fact that P.G.& E. has approached as two companies as consultants on their wave energy projects : Black & Veatch and CH2M Hill. Both are world-wide conglomerates engaged in natural gas and oil development.

Furthermore, Goldman Sachs has offered to lease and develop the marine terminal of Humboldt Bay, supposedly for the benefit of commerce and tourism. But Goldman Sachs is heavily involved in speculation on oil futures, and is in fact one of the major players in such speculation, and thus could have a serious conflict of interest in what is best for the Bay and the citizens of Eureka.

I believe that Goldman Sachs, along with PG&E and their consultants have the potential to turn Humboldt Bay into a scene similar to Martinez in the East Bay, with refineries, natural gas processing facilities, cogeneration plants and storage tanks, not to mention tanker traffic.

I urge all to be vigilant with whatever lease agreement is made regarding the Redwood Marine Terminal, to be absolutely sure that oil or gas development is not part of the bargain. It is the people who have the right and responsibility to determine the fate of these public trusts – Humboldt Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Please voice your concerns at the final meeting on this issue by the Humboldt Bay Harbor Recreation and Conservation District. The meeting takes place – Thursday, Aug. 28th at 7:00pm at the Eureka City Council Chambers. The Harbor District is taking written public comment until that time.

David Gurney

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