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“… seems to endorse allowing a private company to destroy local communities’ quality of life.”

Motorists to pay freight
Report: Emergency response also at risk
By Richard Wronski | Chicago Tribune reporter
July 26, 2008

A federal report on Friday raised the specter of frustrated motorists facing lengthy delays at 15 rail crossings in a dozen communities, but concluded that passenger service would not be impaired if a railroad that winds through Chicago’s suburbs is sold.

The long-awaited report also identifies 10 communities—among them Barrington, Joliet,Mundelein and Chicago Heights—where a tripling or quadrupling of freight traffic would severely hamper police, fire and emergency medical response.

The report prepared by Surface Transportation Board staff predicted train-versus-vehicle accidents would increase sharply along the century-old railroad—from more than one a year to more than six annually.

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